Audits and Valuations

GRN Funds offers full scale valuations and audits for your business. We can assist in scale formatting valuations to meet any public or private business needs. GRN will work with you to research your industry so you can get the best price for your business sale, merger, or acquisition*

*All valuations subject to due diligence and review.

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License Acquisition

Are you looking to buy or sell a professional license? GRN Funds has the experience to negotiate your purchase or sale. We can assist you in designing a iron-clad Buy/Sell agreement. We also provide due diligence services for you so that you can make a informed decision.

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Raising Capital

GRN Funds can help you with raising capital. We specialize in debt financing, PPM design, Crowd-funding (Form C), and Initial Public Offerings. We can assist you in making the correct choice for your business. Many startup's need capital to grow and GRN Funds can assist you in your goals while making sure all measures and legal aspects are covered.

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GRN Funds is an early-stage investment firm.  GRN Funds enables businesses to reach larger markets and engage an ecosystem of providers to develop competitive market advantages and increase profitability.

Our investment strategy focuses on our network of industry leading experts: financial advisers, development experts, growth hackers, and data partners to provide our investment partners with the resources and expertise to rapidly grow our business partners. Our team includes decades of advising, mentoring, and investing in multiple verticals touching markets ranging from startup technology, digital services, real estate, retail franchises, analytics, and investment banking.